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Project financing planning for 2021-2035

Investment amounts and profit distribution

External investments in point projects, are accepted on the basis of equity financing for the newly created enterprise of the project. In each project, at the discretion of the project team, one or several companies can be created. For example: the DumpAgro spot project includes two factories owned by two different specific companies. If there is a need to increase production capacity in general, or to increase sales in a specific regional market, the project team can announce the construction of a third production plant with the creation of a new specific company, or a separate commercial structure that is part of the project. Everyone, a true investor in the MERA project, or a person with the mandate of a project agent, has a priority right to invest in a new specific company.

Information about potential Investors or Investors participating in projects, the profit received by the Investor, is confidential information, cannot be disseminated, is not contained in the Internet and / or local networks databases.

External investment procedure

1. The Potential Investor, to the e-mail of the project, sends a letter of intent to finance the MERA project, guided by the current need for financing a list of point projects. The subject of the letter must contain the obligatory mark "New investments". The letter of intent is drawn up in any form, however, it must necessarily contain the following information:

2. The project team analyzes the letter of intent sent by the Investor, and in case of a positive decision, prepares an investment agreement. The investment agreement is registered in the project, signed by a certified, international, digital signature (CAdES-X-Long format) and sent to the Investor in two files: investment agreement in ".pdf" format, signature of the agreement in ".p7s" format. The investment agreement is legally valid throughout Ukraine, as well as outside Ukraine.

3. The project team, after the signed investment agreement, sends the Investor a payment request, based on the investment agreement, valid for payment, within 5 banking days. The payment request is registered in the project, signed with a certified, international, digital signature (CAdES-X-Long format) and sent to the Investor in two files: Payment request in ".pdf" format, signature of the payment request in ".p7s" format.

4. The investor signs the investment agreement with a digital signature (or prints out, signs with a regular signature, scans the investment agreement) and sends it to by e-mail of the project.

5. After confirmation of the payment by the project bank, the investment agreement becomes valid and valid. A hard copy of the investment agreement can be sent to the Investor, if necessary, by regular mail.

According to the rules of the project, all fixed assets entering the project are annually insured and additionally provided to the Investor as collateral.