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Project designs (processing and transformation lines, hereinafter referred to as "Lines") are a technological solution using modern technologies, both proprietary and publicly available, in the agro-industrial market. They allow the owner of the agro-industrial business, as well as in individual, private farms to combine fodder harvesting, heating and utilization, in fact receiving closed, waste-free production and consumption cycles. At the same time, it is also possible to process biological, unsorted waste, without harming the environment.


The project is focused, initially, on the local market of Ukraine, with a gradual entry into international markets. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of supplying Lines to international markets at the beginning of the project, for wholesale customers.

Primary product customers — on the local B2B and B2C markets, and on the international market, the B2B sector, who need to reduce energy costs, increase the shelf life of food and safely dispose of carbon-containing garbage.

A wide range of products, using the basic production capacity, is ready to occupy the world market, in a short time (3 years of production) a niche in the B2B sector, at least 15% and B2C (when using small-scale production) at least 35%. Further expansion of the market, possibly with increasing production capacity.


  • You want as much as possible to keep valuable substances in prepared feeds, without using expensive vitamin supplements.
  • You want to reduce heating costs using biological waste and other carbon-containing garbage.
  • You want to reduce the storage area for keeping feedstock.
  • You want to effectively use the waste of your animals to obtain high-quality fertilizer.
  • You want to safely dispose of biological waste and other carbon-containing debris.

Prototype (Designed for pilot production and testing)

Our basic technological solution is based on the use of vortex technologies using low and high temperatures. Using methods of counter and separated air flow, at low speeds, low and high temperatures, kinetic energy in relation to food supply and fertilizer preparation, our "Lines" allow you to save not only color, smell and taste, not only the structural integrity of complex organic compounds ( proteins, vitamins, amino acids, etc.), but also the integrity of the cell structure - the complete cell of life. At the same time, observing the flow chart developed by us, the user of the Line eliminates the loss of nutrients.

"Lines" DampAgro can prepare both traditional and non-traditional feed crops and biological waste. In each case, the feed or fertilizer will be the most complete, and therefore more effective than with other methods of harvesting and storage. The equipment is also tuned to obtain a powdery product, which can be both granulated without any additional additives or extruded with a grain mixture. When granulating or using a coarse product, an important vitamin such as carotene is better preserved than when stored as a powder. Dilution of the powder with water results in a puree that is indistinguishable neither in chemical nor in biological composition from the puree made from fresh raw materials. The use of high temperatures at the final stage provides a completely decontaminated product, ready for long-term storage.

Unsorted biological waste and debris that contains carbon can be recycled to produce heat or electricity.

The climate has changed significantly. Have you noticed this factor? We use technologies that take climate change into account in the past few years. Have you decided to purchase a wind generator? How long will the mechanics withstand in today's gusts of wind? We do not use wind to turn mechanics. Not. We "catch" the wind, and transform its energy.

Business model

  • Market segmentation by consumer segments: individual client and intermediary companies.
  • Value proposition: novelty, performance, customization, price, cost reduction, applicability, risk reduction, availability.
  • Distribution channels: sales agents, exhibition — sales, sales through the Internet, affiliate programs.
  • Customer interaction: personal support, special personal support, automated service, self-service, community, co-creation.
  • Creation of revenue streams: fee for the use of services, rent / rent / lease, brokerage interest, sale of assets.
  • Pricing mechanism: list price, dependence on product characteristics, dependence on the consumer segment of the client's object, dependence on the value of the procurement, bidding, revenue management, real-time trading, auctions.
  • Key resources: production facilities, vehicles, distribution networks, intellectual resources, personnel, development funds and reserves.
  • Key activities: development, creation and launch of the product in the required volume and best quality; optimal solution of problems of a specific client; distribution network advertising agencies.
  • Partnerships: optimization and economies of scale, attracting resources from the outside, sharing infrastructure, a strategic alliance to reduce risks and uncertainties, supply the necessary resources, access to the consumer.
  • Cost structure: maintaining a minimum cost structure, focusing on value, dependence on the volume of goods and services, economies of scale, diversification.
  • Mobility: analysis and research of customers' market, technology research, innovations, marketing programs.

Marketing (Designed for pilot production and test sales)

  • Purpose: the creation, marketing promotion and support of the brand; customer interaction, distribution networks in international markets, participation in sales exhibitions, analysis of sales markets, marketing research.
  • Demand condition: developing marketing, synchromarketing, demarketing.
  • Market reach: targeted marketing, differentiated marketing.
  • Management concepts: improvement of production, improvement of goods, intensification of commercial efforts, the concept of socio-ethnic marketing.

Competitors (Designed for test sales)

The main competitors are companies offering products using:
  • technologies of alternative energy;
  • principles of thermodynamics;
  • pneumatic technologies;
  • vacuum-pulse technologies;
  • lyophilization (sublimation) chambers.


The core team of five people has come a full way from the design, development, manufacture of hand tools and product installation at the customer. Willingness of key management sites to perform tasks for the preparation of full-scale production of products. Developed, manufactured and installed experimental samples of products for the purpose of final development of their own technologies, have shown high competition to similar products of manufacturing firms at the global level.

Investment part

  • The nominal value of the project is - EUR 360 млн.
  • Initial funding required is - EUR 22,500,000.00.
  • Production preparation no more than 3 months.
  • Payback project 1 year.
  • Planned annual turnover EUR 157,000,000.00
  • Estimated net annual profit when reaching the rated production capacity. EUR 116,500,000.00.
  • Distribution of investments: 70% - fixed assets, 30% - working capital and initial salary.
  • Investor exit scheme: Depends on the financial contribution of the investor.

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