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Complex engineering (full cycle engineering)
N services Name of service *
71.12.01 Formation of the technical task
71.12.02 Development of project documentation
71.12.03 Support of project documentation during state examinations
71.12.04 Development of working documentation
71.12.05 Author's supervision of construction
71.12.06 Technical support for the purchase of equipment
71.12.08 Carrying out preparatory and commissioning works
71.12.09 Training of operational personnel of the customer
71.12.10 Commissioning of the facility
71.12.11 Engineering quality control of construction and installation works
71.12.12 Automation of technological processes
71.12.13 Introduction of new technologies (know-how)
71.12.14 Performing the functions of a general contractor
71.12.15 Development of investment justifications