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  Khmelnytskyi city
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Design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel products and items
N services Name of service *
for medicine, beauty salons and hairdressers
25.29.01 Trolleys
25.29.02 Chairs
25.29.03 Curbstones
25.29.04 Capacities
25.29.05 Non-standard furniture and solutions
for food production
25.29.06 Trolleys
25.29.08 Chairs
25.29.09 Curbstones
25.29.10 Capacities
25.29.11 Non-standard furniture and solutions
25.29.12 Capacitive production
25.29.13 Technical pipeline
25.29.14 Bakeries and confectioneries
25.29.15 Cafes, bars, restaurants
25.29.16 Supermarkets
25.29.17 Production lines refrigeration, packing, meat-processing, fish-processing, canning, milk-processing
25.29.18 Auxiliary equipment
household appliances and equipment
decorative fencing structures and railings